October 10, 2008

Learning to Ride a Digital Bike

You know, after 10 years of writing articles for newspapers, magazines and online newsletters, I'm finding it rather tricky to navigate this new writing world I find myself in now.

Now it's all about crafting text that will hopefully score big with search engine optimization (SEO) by targeting keywords and placing those keywords strategically within the text and in specific Web page design elements. It really is a whole different writing discipline requiring a whole new way of thinking.

The narrative approach of traditional journalism outlets that I've grown accustomed to is being retooled by this SEO content targeting model. I'm having my own difficulties learning this new writing style, but I'm adaptable, and for the most part the SEO format and rules pretty much make sense. Also, if the people around me are to be believed, the ability to write successful SEO content is a seriously valuable job skill, so there's that, which is nice if it's true.

But if SEO is the wave of the long term future, traditional online news outlets have a LOOOOOONGGGGGGG ways to go to even think about catching up.

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