September 15, 2008

SiteMeter Haikus

In tribute to SiteMeter's ridiculous upgrade and subsequently wise rollback, I thought I'd dedicate today's ThunderJournal posting to haikus about SiteMeter. Feel free to take part in the comments, or e-mail (because I know my comment engine sucks donkey balls).

Thank you, SiteMeter
For change we can't believe in.
Thank God for rollbacks.

For reading blog stats
I rely on SiteMeter
Their upgrade sucked ass.

I could not log in
Nothing seemed to work at all
Upgrade? What the fuck?

A million voices
Cry out against SiteMeter
Can someone say FAIL?

It's not that often
Something sucks across the board
Congrats, SiteMeter!

As Web face-lifts go
This was pure Michael Jackson
Without the young boys.

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