July 21, 2008

Some sort of hype or something

Apparently, there's a new movie that came out last weekend that's the most important thing to ever happen in cinematic history.

Now, as everyone knows, the most important thing to happen in cinematic history prior to the release of this new movie was "Team America: World Police," which had the audacity to state the obvious sentiment of "America. Fuck Yeah!," so this new movie obviously has grabbed my attention.

However, if the trailer for this new movie is any indication, the main bad guy sews chaos and basically acts like an anonymous dickhead, so my thinking is they modeled the villain after any number of Internet comment trolls.

And, honestly, do you really want to see a movie that brings a comment troll to life on the big screen, no matter how well-acted and accurate the actor was able to portray him?

If I were given a choice between watching a hyperactive comment troll, or simulated scat sex performed by marionettes, I know which movie I'D want to see.

But hey, that's just me.

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