July 03, 2008

Another Great Idea That's Bound to be Stolen

Caroline says: I think it's awesome that in IMworld, all we have to do is put notes around a word and it's "singing."

Caroline says: I wish life was that easy

Ryan says: We should totally open an amusement park called "IMworld."

Ryan says: I'll design a LOLercoaster.

Caroline says: Or the LQTMachine

Ryan says: Laughing Quietly To Myself.

Caroline says: Right

Ryan says: Doesn't sound like a very raucous ride.

Ryan says: Ooh! Ooh! I just thought of the signature park snack!


Caroline says: ROTFL-eos?

Ryan says: OOH! The WTF Freak Show!

Ryan says: You're off your game today.

Caroline says: Oops. I didn't hit send. OMGoCarts

Ryan says: REDEMPTION.

Ryan says: Any good amusement park needs a bar or nightclub.

Ryan says: The A/S/L Express?

Caroline says: The NSFW Lounge

Ryan says: Me likey.

Ryan says: I suppose it could have a library.

Ryan says: The STFU Learning Center.

Caroline says: Or a golf course: TTYLinks

Ryan says: And a petting zoo.

Ryan says: Featuring LOLcats.

Caroline says: The comedy club would have to be called the LMAO Club

Caroline says: I think the Christina Ricci cat would also draw crowds.

Ryan says: Only on Wednesdays.

Caroline says: Well, right.

Ryan says: Wait. . . was that too obscure?

Caroline says: No, Adams Family. I get it.

Ryan says: Damn, you're good.

Caroline says: Fuck yea.

Ryan says: America. Fuck Yeah.

Ryan says: Which is a great segue into the 4th of July!

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