July 01, 2008

Picking up Where it Left Off

By the way, having now watched the first three episodes of the 4th season of "Weeds," I can pretty confidently proclaim the show is just as bad, meandering and poorly written this year as it was last year, despite the addition of Nemo's dad to the character ranks.

It's such a pity, too, because the first two seasons were REALLY good.

Posted by Ryan at July 1, 2008 01:47 PM | TrackBack

Yeah, that's kind of the problem with a show that comments on a certain oeuvre. The other classic example is the show about high school kids: if the show is successful, it will outlast their high school career. But college is a very different place.

Weeds had the problem that you can only make so many jokes about suburban hypocrisy and pot before you start needing to explore the world outside suburbia and drugs other than pot. But that makes it a very different show.

A show that, so far, unfortunately, seems to suck balls.

Posted by: Joshua at July 2, 2008 09:45 AM

Amen, Emperor Norton.

The show REALLY went off the rails last season. Melissa and I would watch episodes, and then look at each other with "WTF was THAT about?" expressions, which is basically how we communicate in general. . .

Posted by: Ryan at July 2, 2008 12:07 PM
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