May 31, 2008

Eggciting Times

Earlier this spring, Melissa installed window boxes below my office window and the bedroom window. About a week after planting flowers, she was surprised, while watering the flowers one day, to see a robin's nest under construction amidst the flowers in the window box below my office window. Much has happened since then. Many eggs have appeared and the robins take turns keeping them warm, while keeping a wary eye on the two humans ogling them from mere inches away behind a pane of glass. As you can see, the combination of colorful flowers and bright blue eggs make for a most excellent photo. Credit goes to Melissa for the picture. Credit goes to me. . . because it's my office.


Posted by Ryan at May 31, 2008 02:24 PM | TrackBack

Wow she has quite the green thumb! And also AWWWW, how cute.
(I actually love robins, they are the only ones that actually eat the cutworms in my yard, the rest all come in for the feeders.)

Posted by: Donna at June 1, 2008 07:26 AM
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