May 13, 2008

Not to Steal Lileks' Bit or Anything, But. . .

With apologies to James Lileks, who is kind of the pre-eminent source for comic book snark. I was conducting a work-related Google image search (and YES, it really was work related), when I stumbled on the following comic book cover:


Leaving aside the fact I didn't realize "turning things to stone" was one of Supergirl's powers--apparently, Medusa doesn't have that market cornered, after all--I was first struck by the reaction of the guy. I mean, there he is, half granite, half-man. . . and he's ASKING QUESTIONS? If I were in his position, not only would I be mortified to be wearing a tie lifted from Fred's closet in the Mystery Machine, I'd like to think I'd also be saying something more befitting being turned to stone; something like, "Gah! Bitch, stop it! For the love of God, don't do this!"

For that matter, you'd think he would have started to clue in to the fact something wasn't right BEFORE he was half-a-statue. You know, maybe when Supergirl led him to a secluded spot populated by a dozen or so statues that look kinda out of place. . . and kinda like him.

And, by the way, Supergirl is apparently a bit of a tart, judging by her collection of exes. A hot dog down a hallway comes to mind. A Superhallway.

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