February 28, 2008

Just Call it a Guillotine

One of the somewhat unexpected aspects about my Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu training has been the surprising number of my fellow students who, like me, shave their heads.

I suppose some of them, like me, shave their heads because of a genetic propensity towards follicular depletion. Others, I suspect, shave their heads just because it's about the easiest hairstyle in the world to maintain; whereas you can occasionally have bad hair days, I have yet to experience a bad head day (*wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*).

At any rate, awhile back, while we were stretching before class, the topic of conversation centered around the preferred method of scalp blading. Now, I've always been a HUGE proponent of the Mach 3 razor, as it effortlessly glides over my phrenological landscape. There was a time, early on, pre-Mach 3, when I used a Schick Tracer, but in retrospect that was a far inferior blade to the Mach 3.

Anyway, somebody eventually asked if anyone had ever used a "HeadBlade." Now, I had never even heard of the "HeadBlade," but quite frankly the very term left me not wanting anything to do with it. I mean, seriously. . . HeadBlade? It sounds like something a medieval executioner would call his axe. "Me sharpen HeadBlade. Make clean cut! Hulk smash!"

Of course, having heard about the HeadBlade, I felt compelled to at least learn a little bit about the nasty sounding device by going to the HeadBlade Web page, where I saw a HeadBlade for the first time:


So, it's not that scary-looking, I admit but, really, all it is is a regular razor with an OptiGrab that loops around your middle finger, and Matchbox car wheels on the back. As head shaving innovations go, I'm really not all that impressed. Sure, the HeadBlade name is still impressive, but the device itself looks like a regular razor with training wheels. I've been shaving my head for well over a decade. . . I don't need no stinking training wheels.

However, it would be sort of neat, I suppose, to count myself amongst the ranks of the world's elite "HeadBladers." How tough does that sound?

RANDOM PERSON: So, what do you do?

ME: Oh, you know, I'm a HeadBlader.


ME: A HeadBlader. I dabble in a little HeadBlading, from time to time.

RANDOM PERSON: *swallowing hard* Um, how often do you blade a head.

ME: Usually at least once every morning.

I'm a little surprised at how many mixed martial arts practitioners are HeadBladers, although I imagine a shaved head offers some benefit whilst mixing it up in an octogon, although I'm not sure what that would be, exactly.

So, yeah, the HeadBlade. Not sure it's something I'd want to try out personally, but it has a pretty cool, Highlander-esque name, which may JUST be enough to get me to buy one, if only to say I'm a HeadBlader.

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