February 14, 2008

Zippo Tricks

My jiu-jitsu instructor mentioned before class last night that he'd been filling his empty hours by watching YouTube videos of people doing Zippo tricks. Because I'm a curious person who also has an empty hour to fill while sitting on a conference call from hell, I thought I'd share some of these Zippo tricks:

Notice that the arms on most of the people in that video look like they spend most of their days cooking up spoons of smack, judging by their thinness. The Japanese music is a nice touch, though.


In this video, the background items of note are the Macintosh computer and that frickin' irritating bracelet on his right hand. Nothing against either of those items, per se, but taken together I just want to punch the guy in the throat for some reason.

Ah, yes, for those of you just now embarking on your lucrative Zippo trick career, here's a video that outlines some of your most basic Zippo tricks. Don't start by foolishly dipping your finger in alcohol for the grand poobah of all Zippo tricks--the lit finger. No, start out simple, and work your way through intermediate, speed lighting, IDENTITY CONCEALMENT, and of course, the crowd pleasing MESS UPS, complete with Zippo-spiking outrage. Background items of note: the particularly filthy looking room with dresser drawers akimbo, the backpack against the wall, and the dog tags around the guy's neck (strangely, I have my doubts about his military service).

For those curious enough to learn more Zippo tricks, there are PLENTY more YouTube videos out there for your perusal. For an added mental exercise, be sure to read the comment threads, which are always packed to the gills with thought provoking commentary and impeccable grammar and spelling.

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