February 08, 2008

Economic Indicator

I'm not an economist, but I have a theory about the state of the 2008 economy, based entirely off the latest Pepsi bottle cap promotion.

Last year, Pepsi/Mountain Dew held no less than three, THREE, promotional bottle cap code entry thingamabobs. They were: The "Free Ride" sweepstakes, the "Transformers" sweepstakes and the "Call Your Play" sweepstakes. Between those sweepstakes, I took in $175 and a Vikings stocking cap.

Now, in 2008, Pepsi has introduced a "Pepsi Stuff" promotional program, which is good through NOVEMBER, which means this is it, people. ONE, and only ONE promotional campaign slated for 2008.

Therefore, I project an economic downturn that will see 1/3 of the economic power of 2007. Lean times are a loomin'.

Posted by Ryan at February 8, 2008 10:13 AM | TrackBack
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