January 30, 2008

Badges? We Donít Need No Stinking Badges


You wouldn't believe why, either.

Posted by Ryan at January 30, 2008 12:29 PM | TrackBack

Well...I think as long as you wrote your blog on company time, you won. You probably win a lot in that case.

Posted by: Autumn at February 1, 2008 02:13 PM

True enough, Autumn, although technically I wrote it on my lunch break, and it only took me about 10 minutes to write.

Posted by: Ryan at February 1, 2008 03:43 PM

Next time pretend you don't speak english, anmd maybe he'll think you are one of the outsource people. That or janitorial.
Or just haul ass and make him chase you. Then when he finally finds you at your desk, you lie and say you were there all the time. I recommend a different color shirt in the drawer.
Tell him there's another guy working there that looks alot like you but his name is Joshua, but you don't know what dept he works for, you've just seen him in the hall. Yeah, that's it. And then laugh maniacally.

Posted by: Donna at February 2, 2008 11:27 AM

I just signed on to join a massive and, sometimes, incredibly stupid bureaucracy and I'm sure I'll run into a rules 'noid like this guy.

It should provide you some solace that nobody likes him. Not even his dog or cat. And his ass burns when he poops.

Posted by: Erik at February 2, 2008 01:03 PM
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