January 29, 2008

From The Department of Freakin' Obvious

Caroline says: PB is really hard-hitting today. Headline: "Deaths from head-on crash leave sudden voids"

Caroline says: Whaaaaaaaaa? Really?

Ryan says: That's pretty deep.

Ryan says: Better headline: "Deaths from head-on crash lead to joy, merriment."

Ryan says: THAT would make me want to read further.

Ryan says: Also in the PB: "Blizzard brings an Arctic Blast."

Caroline says: Aren't those two names of desserts? I think a Blizzard is from DQ and Arctic Blast is a generic Icee drink.

Ryan says: In today's beleagured newspaper industry, they're resorting to subliminal product placement.

Caroline says: Hey, head-on IS a topical treatment for headaches.

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