January 15, 2008

I'm Sure This Will Offend Someone, but. . .

Ryan says: That one girl is such a coont.

Caroline says: That made me giggle.

Ryan says: Coont Giggling is all the rage right now in D.C.

Caroline says: Goin' down to D.C. to do some C.G.

Caroline says: yeah yeah

Ryan says: Have you giggled your coont lately?

Caroline says: For best results, giggle your coont daily.

Caroline says: You're such a coont giggler.

Ryan says: Coont Giggler sounds like a superhero's arch-nemesis.

Caroline says: Why so seriousssssssssss?

Ryan says: You're a coont giggling freak. . . like me!

Caroline says: Batman: Dark Coont

Ryan: I'm thinking of putting this up as a ThunderJournal post, because it's too funny not to.

Caroline says: You better not. You might end up on some fed list.

Ryan says: The fed has a list of coont gigglers?

Ryan says: Seems niche.

Caroline says: More like douche.

Ryan says: You = FAIL.

Caroline says: Wha?

Ryan says: You had a good run, but the douche line just won't wash.

Caroline says: Oh, you're just filled with salt and vinegar.

Ryan says: These puns have to be administered carefully, with an applicator.

Ryan says: Man it's cold out right now; what I wouldn't give for a nice warm summer's eve.

Caroline says: You can't double dose me!

Ryan says: Cleaned you out, didn't I?

Caroline says: You= NOT FRESH

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