January 04, 2008

The Manic/Depressive "Mind" of Nick Coleman

So, previously, Nick Coleman, Minnesota's very own contribution to journalistic dipshittery, wrote about how the 150th anniversary of our state being admitted into the Union should pay adequate mope-fest bloodletting to the treatment of native Americans, because nothing says "CELEBRATION" like apologizing via unspecific means for something that happened 150+ years before my dad was an itch in my grandpa's pants.

Now, of course, my favorite Metro columnist punching bag is back in whining mode because the 150th shindig isn't shaping up to be as big as he wants it to be. Apparently, when a state is laying prostrate on the ground, being lashed by the great-great-great-great grandchildren of unjustly-treated native Americans, it should be a lavish affair.

Honestly, I don't care one iota about the 150th anniversary of this state. I approach the 150th pretty much how I intend to approach my 15 year high school reunion: it's interesting to note in passing, and I might show up for a beer, but other than that. . . what's the big deal?

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