December 19, 2007

Rules Govern Gift Cards

Ryan says: I successfully used the gift card to pay for an oil change last night, BTW.

Caroline says: You use it for boring stuff, BTW.

Ryan says: I didn't know you were supposed to use it on hookers and blow.

Caroline says: Right, because that's exactly what I expect you to use it on when I mean "not boring."

Ryan says: Well, you do agree "hookers and blow" = not boring, right?

Caroline says: Depends who you are. If you're a pimp, then it's probably boring. Same ol', same ol'.

Ryan says: So, maybe a pimp would consider an oil change pretty exciting.

Caroline says: Depends. Is "oil change" a euphemism?

Ryan says: It certainly could be, when you think about it.

Ryan says: Oil EXchange.

Caroline says: So it's all a matter of perspective.

Caroline says: Is what I'm sayin'.

Ryan says: I don't want to have to consider perspective every time I use that gift card.

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