October 31, 2007

The Almighty Bundle

Last week, we were having connectivity problems with our high speed Internet, and our upper tier cable stations were all out. I won't divulge who our cable and high speed provider is, except to say they rhyme with Barter Glomunications.

When I called Barter to explain my situation, I was assisted by a non-native tech representative who didn't particularly represent tech very well. She was, in fact, a moron. However, she was a moron who managed to set up a time for a technician to come out to the house to check on things.

As the call was wrapping up, she went into a sales pitch. You see, Barter is all about the bundle: you can bundle high speed Internet, cable and VoIP telephone service and SAVE BIG!

I calmly explained that I didn't need a phone service because I have a cell phone. She countered that their VoIP service offers unlimited long distance, to which I responded "so does my cell service, and it's very portable." Without missing a beat, she pointed out adding VoIP service to my bundle would only cost me an additional $14 a month, to which I had to less calmly point out that would be and additional $14 a month for a phone I don't need because, I HAVE A CELL PHONE.

Honest to Vishnu, she sounded genuinely perplexed about my reasoning for not wanting the wonderful VoIP phone bundle. She actually sounded upset with me, as if I was "THIS CLOSE" to understanding how awesome the bundle was and if she could just reason with me a little longer, I see the light.

Finally, I explained the matter thusly: "Miss, I'm standing here, in my house, talking to you on my cell phone. It's a phone I can take and use anywhere, at a price that's only a few dollars more a month than what you're offering. Why in the world would I want ANOTHER phone that's tied down to this house and that I'd never conceivably use because I have my cell phone handy at all times?"

"Yes, but it's a bundle, and. . ."


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