September 10, 2007

No Offense Intended

I normally get a kick out of Pepsi and Mountain Dew promotional sweepstakes. They're an amusing diversion and, truth be told, I won $175 over the course of the last two promotions, so I have to admit to having a very slight financial interest in the sweepstakes.

But honestly, the latest promotion is just completely lame. It's dubbed "CALL YOUR PLAY" and the prizes, such as they are, are practically unattainable even if you engage your wildest imagination.

And then there's the animated image of Reggie Bush. Look, I'm sure Mr. Bush was offerred an enticing endorsement package, but even he couldn't have imagined how awful he'd be presented in this promotional campaign. I mean, seriously, there's even a replayed bit of him dabbing at his eye with his finger and then wiping his finger on his shorts. How disgusting is that? He couldn't have known the camera was recording at that instant, and he certainly couldn't have known the good people at Pepsi would get together in a boardroom and say "That's great! That's real! Athletes also get eye goobers that need to be dabbed! This will certainly win points with the common folk!" Why not just have him pick his nose and play with his boogers? Or maybe pick at his ass crack? The possibilities are endless.

NOTE TO Pepsi PEOPLE: This post is just a personal critique and should not in any way prevent you from awarding me either an HDTV or a GMC Sierra, even though the odds of me winning either are slimmer than me launching myself to Mars with a burst of my own flatulence.

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