July 24, 2007

Admitting My Shame

Okay, I'm just going to admit it. One of the main reasons I've been a crappy ThunderJournalist lately, in addition to actually doing work and stuff is. . . I can do this. . . I'm strong. . . I'm Double Dragon strong. . . is. . . *whew*

I'm reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

And I'm liking it, DAMNIT!

With any luck, I'll finish it tonight, and ThunderJournaling will resume with renewed zeal.

Posted by Ryan at July 24, 2007 08:38 AM | TrackBack

I don't want to spoil the ending for you, but it turns out that Bruce Willis was a ghost the entire time.

Posted by: David Grenier at July 24, 2007 10:15 AM

Believe me, I've already read my fair share of spoilers. It's almost impossible not to.

Posted by: Ryan at July 24, 2007 10:19 AM

Harry Potter is a kids book series. Not even a very good one at that, since most of the ideas were blatantly ripped off from other, genre-defining works (ever read any Ursula LeGuin, anyone?). As far as I can tell, any adult who admits to reading a Harry Potter book is basically admitting their ignorance in public. I tried one, once (once, bastidges!) just to see what the hype was about - the few chapters I managed to complete convinced me that the average person really is a lot more stupid than you'd expect. Well, not you, maybe, but normal people.

Posted by: simon at August 2, 2007 07:46 AM
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