April 19, 2007

My Only Post Regarding The VT Shooter

Ryan says: I really don't see the value in NBC showing that video.

Caroline says: I don't either. I'm sure they got that package and the first thing they thought was: "jackpot."

Ryan says: Oh hell yes. Then they wrap the showing of the video within the auspices of "responsible journalism."

Caroline says: Absolutely. I think I just read something yesterday (before the news of the video broke) that NBC was suffering in ratings.

Ryan says: All the major broadcast networks are. newspapers, too.

Ryan says: If they'd just admit they're fishing for an audience, and by extension, money, I'd actually have more respect for them.

Caroline says: No kidding.

Ryan says: Kid should have sent that video "Care Of, Rambling Rhodes." I would have shamelessly promoted it, admitting freely to my greedy priorities.

Caroline says: Yeah, that wouldn't have been scary at all.

Ryan says: Hell, I would have PhotoShopped and played with the lighting for increased dramatic effect.

Caroline says: Yes, there would've been a "poster" of the dirty mushroom behind him on the wall.

Ryan says: Oh, God YES!

Caroline says: This clip brought to you by Ryan's ass.

Ryan says: "Who is the Mushroom Killer?"

Caroline says: Aaaaaaaand now we're going to hell

Posted by Ryan at April 19, 2007 09:04 AM | TrackBack

Only Caroline is on the downhill slide, 1 because she has obviously seen the dirty mushroom and 2 because she made all of us think about it. Just when I think I am out, they suck me back in......lol

Posted by: Donna at April 20, 2007 12:15 AM
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