January 17, 2007

Intercourse and Sweets

Ryan says: I like sex and candy.

Ryan says: What was up with THAT song?

Ryan says: I mean, who DOESN'T like sex and candy?

Caroline says: A nun with a cavity

Ryan says: See, now, THAT'S funny!

Ryan says: Whoops. I had the incorrect lyric. I guess it's "I smell sex and candy here."

Caroline says: You mean it wasn't "I like sex and candy"?

Ryan says: I guess not.

Caroline says: No shit?

Ryan says: Another lyric from that song: "Who's that casting devious stares at my direction?"

Caroline says: At my direction.

Ryan says: Often incorrectly quoted as: "Who's that blastin' previous hares in my erection?"

Ryan says: Which is a far better lyric.

Caroline says: Wow. File that under "There's a bathroom on the right."

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