November 27, 2006

Popular Bloggers I Read Daily Discuss Net Neutrality

Daily Kos: Net neutrality is extremely important, because I desperately need an unfettered venue where I can continue my unhealthy fixation on Joe Lieberman.

Instapundit: Indeed.

Michelle Malkin: Net neutrality means that people who hate on me on their blogs can continue to hate me and post various pictures of me in unflattering poses, while being completely oblivious to their own mean-spirited prejudices.

Oliver Willis: Well, you're no Jessica Alba, that's for sure. I love Jessica Alba. Jessical Alba makes my peener twitch. Mmmm, Jessica Alba can neutralize my Net any day.

Instapundit: Heh.

Daily Kos: Joseph Lieberman!

Lileks: My cute daughter, Gnat, does cute daughter things. And I have a neutralled dog named Jasper.

Lileks: I'm sorry, I meant "neutered" dog.

Andrew Sullivan: I have no idea what my stance is on Net neutrality today, but I'm gay, so that will give my eventual stance (which is likely to change more often than a baby's diaper) much more gravity, for some reason I haven't yet figured out.

Daily Kos: I feel the need to voice some sort of condescending shit about Net neutrality, which I do in *swish* there's moreville! *gong*

Instapundit: Digital cameras.

Lileks: I can't believe I confused "neutralled" and "neutered." I think I'll write a column about it. I have five columns due today, after all.

Michelle Malkin: Has anyone else noticed that the production quality of "Hot Air" could use some work?

Drudge: *spinning police light* "Malkin Cops to Shoddy Production Quality: Still a Pretty Hot Chick!"

Daily Kos: Joe Lieberman!

Oliver Willis: I like to think I'm like "Kryptonite to Stupid," and that there are somehow parallels between Superman and myself, and that I might have a chance with Jessica Alba. My peener just twitched again.

Lileks: You know, if you think about it, a neutered dog is pretty neutral. I mean, there's a reason both words share the same Latin roots. At least I think they're Latin roots. Excuse me for a moment; my daughter's doing something cute.

Instapundit: Tesla Racer.

Michelle Malkin: Come to think of it, how is it possible there can be so many pictures of me in unflattering poses? Overall, I think I'm pretty photogenic. One of life's great mysteries, I guess.

Daily Kos: Not as great a mystery as Joe Lieberman!

Instapundit: Heh. Indeed.

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