July 13, 2006

Fine, I'll Post It Here

The Rochester Post-Bulletin's blog is having commenting problems, so I'll post my comment to this post at my own blog instead:


Is it Rochester design or by mistake,
That seemingly every building is for lease?
And a run 'round vaunted Silver Lake,
Results in shoes caked with poo from geese.

Let's tune and tune the radio dial,
And catch both Rochester stations,
Neither have been good for quite awhile,
Thank God there's Internet radio in this nation.

Now let's go grab a bite and dine,
There's Denny's, Perkins and The Ranch,
Residents love their steak and wine,
But at good ethnic food they tend to blanch.

A slogan's in need, to replace "rah, rah,"
Something to capture city charm,
And strikes a certain sense of awe,
Without causing much alarm.

How 'bout "Rochester Welcomes You,
With food that's always bland!"
Or, "A City's That's in Tune,
With Music You Won't Stand!"

I kid, of course (well, mostly)
Rochester is quite nice,
But to be so "rah, rah" boastly,
Makes me retch not once, but twice.

Thanks, I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

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