March 03, 2006

Introducing. . . NARDLES.

Yesterday, during lunch, I sat with my friend, Marc, and my other co-worker friend (and Marc's fiance), Caroline. We sat, we ate, we made jokes, we engaged in a threesome, that sort of thing.

After about 20 minutes, Marc had to leave, but before going, he jokingly swung his tape measure in my direction, just barely missing my groin.

Now, the groin has many aliases, as you no doubt know. Getting struck there can be referred to as getting hit in the "balls," or the "nuts," or, as is popular here right now. . . the "nards." Well, for whatever reason, after Marc swung his tape measure my way and almost hit me in the "junk," I said "Hey, you almost hit me in the 'nardles.'" Not sure why I said it, but it struck us all as extremely funny. Caroline said Nardles sounds like an offshoot of the the Smurfs or the Snorks, and from there the hilarity ensued during our subsequent MSN Messenger conversations. One thing to keep in mind about MSN Messenger is that you have the ability, if you so choose, to use a special pen tool to write with, or to make silly little drawings. With that in mind, here's yesterday's Nardle conversation.

Ryan says: On a Fark thread, someone was explaining comedy to another person.

Caroline says: Huh?

Ryan says: "Take what everyone already knows about X and make it funny. That's what comedy is you farking slack-jawed turd gurgler."

Ryan says: I'm going to use the term "turd gurgler" before the day is through.

Ryan says: Or I'll remove my Nardles.

*Caroline sent the following at exactly the same time as mine*

Caroline says: Turd Gurgler sounds like a name of a Nardle.

Caroline says: jeez

Caroline says: effen brain wave

Ryan says: Holy. fuck.

Ryan says: I think our next job should be in ESP research.

Caroline says: The Nardles could be a comic strip in one of our magazines.

Ryan writes:


Caroline says: Oh. My.

Caroline says: What sick part of your brain did THAT come from?

Ryan says: I was imagining what a Nardle might look like in comic book fashion.

Ryan says: I think it's brilliant.

Caroline writes:


Caroline says: Nerdle the Nardle.

Ryan says: I think we've stumbled on to our way out of our current jobs.

Caroline says: We stumbled onto something, that's for damn sure.

Ryan writes:


Ryan says: Nardle Schwartzenegger.

Ryan says: I can only assume you're laughing hysterically.

Caroline says: I had to go pee I laughed so hard. I'm back.

Ryan says: People will think we're nuts.

Caroline says: Punnnny

Ryan says: But we'd have a ball doing it.

Caroline says: Nardles. Who knew?


Ryan says: I'll be the nardles on your bed post.

Caroline says: Lulelurah Nardle would be a great name for one of the Nardles.

Ryan says: Like Smurfette.

Ryan says: More hair.

Caroline says: Exactly.

Caroline says: and Boobles

Ryan says: A Nardle with boobles?

Caroline says: It seems impossible.

Caroline says: It puts your imagination to the testes.

Ryan writes:


Caroline says: They'd call her Knocker Nardle

Ryan says: That is one ugly Nardle.

Caroline says: You know it's ugly if it's an ugly Nardle.

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They called them "Yarbles" in "A Clockwork Orange"

That is, if you have any yarbles.

Posted by: Rob@L&R at March 5, 2006 06:20 AM
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