February 21, 2006


Back in 1997 and 1998, during my final year of college, my roommates and I had one television channel, owing to the fact we opted to pay for Internet access instead of cable. And, because Winona is basically located on a sandbar on the Mississippi--in a valley surrounded by towering hills--radio and television broadcasts didn't carry very well. So, we were limited to a fuzzy CBS, and nothing else.

And the news around that time was primarily dominated by two things, as I recall. Number 1 thing was the stock market, which was enjoying unprecedented success, both in the Dow and the NASDAQ. Number 2 thing was something called El Nino which, according to scientists, was responsible for everything from more powerful storms to athlete's foot.

And I've always wondered, since that time, whatever became of El Nino. Well, I need wonder no more!

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