October 25, 2005

The State of the World, As I Understand it

- The weather forcast for Florida and pretty much most of the South is: hurricane.

- Valerie Plame was the most well-known covert CIA operative ever, who was also working on a secret mission to bring down every government in the world, and she would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids, whoever the hell they were.

- Harriet Miers is, apparently, the worst possible nominee for a Supreme Court post ever in the history of the world. Reasons for this vary, but I'm told it's because she bears a striking resemblance to Emperor Palpatine, or at least that's what numerous Fark photoshops indicate.

- Somewhere in the realm of 70,000 dead due to an earthquake in India and Pakistan is infinitesimal compared to the 1,000 or so dead from Hurricane Katrina, if my reading of the news media is correct.

- FEMA is responsible for everything, including bad breath and your wife cheating on you.

- Bush's current poll numbers apparently negate the results of the November 2004 election.

- The Minnesota Vikings will forever be tainted by their sex boat antics, so clever headlines like "The Love Boot" will apply to every game won by a field goal from here on out.

- The Green Bay Packers are capable of imploding to a degree once reserved entirely for the Minnesota Vikings, and that's very amusing.

- Rosa Parks apparently did two very important things in her life. 1) She sat at the front of a bus, in defiance of discriminatory laws. 2) She died.

- Bird flu is going to kill everybody, everywhere. fucking birds.

Aw hell, I may as well list a bunch of celebrities in the hopes of boosting traffic:

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Posted by Ryan at October 25, 2005 10:14 AM | TrackBack

an accurate picture, i think.

point of clarification: Rosa Parks was sitting in the colored section of the bus. the white section got full, and some more white poeple wanted to sit down. so they told the black people to stand up out of the seats designated FOR THEM, and she refused.

i actually think that makes her statement on that day much stronger than if she had been sitting in the white section, as many seem to believe. she would've never been allowed to sit in the white/front section to begin with.

Posted by: amy.leblanc at October 26, 2005 12:34 PM

Having just gotten back from Cancun, yes, the entire world is having a hurricane. And don't ever fly Frontier Airlines, they told us to stay there, stay in the shelter, (didn't care that there was no food or water, or that we had to leave our luggage at the hotel when evacuated, or no sanitary facilites), just stay there because we will not honor your tickets out of any other airport except Cancun, that is still not open, and had we listened to them, we would still be there. 700.00 for tickets, and 300.00 for a hotel room, plus alot of hairy moments to get out, and we are home. Bastards never even called us to let us know that our flights were still cancelled, but did let us know that even though they were cancelled, if we had to change them again, it would cost us 100.00 per ticket to do so. We even asked if we could get to Denver from Mexico, which is their hub, if they would fly us the rest of the way home, which is what our ticket was anyway, (Cancun to Denver, Denver to home) and was told no, we could only fly out of Cancun. Never again. I understand that they are now allowing people to fly out of Merida, but when we tried to get them to do that they told us they didn't have the permissions neccessary to do so. Guess someone with some clout got to someone with some stroke, but as I said when I called they said no we couldn't fly out of there, and then when they did start flying out of there, they didn't call us to let us know that either. We were assured time and time again that they would notify us, and I did have my cell phone, and ran up a 230.00 bill on that with them trying to get out. Never again. We also tried to get out before the storm and was told that all the flights were full and there was no way to get out early. Their website says that they were sending in a team and they told us that they would send in a fleet of planes to get everyone out, but they could have done that beforehand and didn't. Continental did, Delta did, and Aeromexicana sent in fleets of planes before as well as after. If we'd known about continental and delta before, we'd have gotten out on them prestorm. And the American embassy/consulate in Merida? Couldn't tell us anything, were absolutely no help, but the Canadians and Brits had reps at every major hotel afterwards, and got their people out immediately. There's alot wrong with this country that you don't realize until you are out of it. It's no wonder we are looked down upon.........

Posted by: Donna at October 26, 2005 08:52 PM
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