September 02, 2005

Live, From Houston!

Mandy says: hello

Ryan says: Hello to you as well.

Mandy says: have you seen my city on the news?

Ryan says: What's your city again?

Mandy says: houston

Ryan says: Oh, right. The Superdome.

Mandy says: astrodome

Ryan says: Same difference.

Mandy says: we have about 20 - 30 thousand here now

Ryan says: Yes, I think I've heard something. Something about refugees from somewhere, like Mexico or something.

Mandy says: but now we are allowing another 11000 at reliant stadium

Mandy says: mexican refugees is everyday life

Ryan says: LOL

Mandy says: this other deal is insane

Mandy says: my aunt/uncle lost their home

Mandy says: well, their second home

Mandy says: but it is gone

Ryan says: It is astounding to read about.

Mandy says: we have so much going on

Mandy says: some people at work are housing people

Mandy says: the trash collectors are letting us put donations at the curb that they will pick up in regualr rounds

Mandy says: the news is asking for anyone to go help

Ryan says: Yeah, I'm a little detached from it all up here.

Mandy says: every store, mall, restaurant is taking donations or doing drives of some sort

Ryan says: And yet all I keep reading about is how abysmal the relief effort is.

Mandy says: well, it took a long time to react

Mandy says: but people don't understand how that stuff takes time & cooperation & organization

Ryan says: Apparently not.

Mandy says: we have normal, everyday folks pouring out of the woodwork to help

Mandy says: volunteers have lined up at the dome

Mandy says: people are volunteering their homes to house evacuees for MONTHS

Mandy says: offering to pay rent for evacuees

Ryan says: Inspiring stuff. Is any of that getting good coverage down there?

Mandy says: any evacuee is getting 2 months of free food stamps

Mandy says: no questions asked

Mandy says: and free gas

Mandy says: there are things on the news about who is helping & where people can go

Mandy says: but most of it is still focused on NO & getting the people out & the devastation there

Mandy says: you have to realize NO is just hours from here so EVERYONE knows someone or has a story

Ryan says: 30,000+ new Houston residents just like that.

Mandy says: the Texans are mathcing pledges at tonight's game

Mandy says: easily that many new people

Mandy says: plus, however many thousand going to dallas & san antonio

Mandy says: Shell oil called our office wanting 1000 units to rent

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