August 31, 2005

Rambling Rhodes Blog Economy Recovers Slightly

Moderately-read personal Web page sees readership increase

Rochester, Minn. (Rhodes Media Services) -- Following a dip in blog readership last month, which some analysts predicted marked the beginning of the end of Rambling Rhodes, the online Web log confounded the experts yet again but showing a slight bump up for the month of August.

At press time today, Rambling Rhodes was showing nearly 2,000 more visitors in August over July, and almost 1,000 more over its previous peak set in June.


Records provided by Rambling Rhodes officials indicated that viewership continued to be largely driven by Google searches for pictures of Daisy Fuentes and permutations on "exposed+thongs."

"I'll be honest, last month's numbers scared us a bit," said said Ryan Rhodes, Rambling Rhodes CEO/president/marketing director/promoter/spokesman/ink cartridge replacer/porn surfer/toilet cleaning guy. "So, we made some changes. For example, we replaced CEO Ryan Rhodes with new CEO Ryan Rhodes, a change that sparked considerable activity within the Rambling Rhodes organization. Ryan brought a much-needed spark to a staff that had become lax and somewhat indifferent."

Analysts remained skeptical, saying that a one-month spike doesn't necessarily mean that Rambling Rhodes is out of the woods, and that the staff shouldn't rest on its laurels, as well as citing several other worn out metaphors.

"Well, they definitely shouldn't jump the gun," said Anthony Feldman, an investor for Smith-Barney. "They can pat themselves on the back, for sure, and they can even stop to smell the roses, but they shouldn't let the cat out of the bag, or open a can of worms."

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