August 04, 2005

Hey, that guy's down, let's watch those guys kick him

As exhilirating as it was for me to pick apart Nick Coleman's recent column after about a month's dry spell, it's just as entertaining for me to watch him get repeatedly kicked in the groin after basically kicking himself in the groin.

Posted by Ryan at August 4, 2005 01:13 PM | TrackBack

That's definitely not his thumb. Look at the video. Not a thumb. I'm not even talking about the length of the finger that was extended; unless the president's thumb is placed on a different part of his hand than everyone else's thumbs are placed, that cannot have been his thumb. Moreover, people giving a thumbs-up typically turn their hand to one side. The Powerline bloggers make themselves look silly by denying what's right there on video (unless Jay Leno also is using photoshopped video, which is not a claim they make).

However, it quite likely is an index finger; that would make sense in the context of reporters' yelling questions, as he might be indicating that he will be back "in a minute" or will take "one question." A middle finger would have been dumb and there's no way that possibly could be a thumb.

Posted by: PG at August 7, 2005 06:15 PM

PG, I tend to defer to the reporters who were actually in attendance that day, all of whom say it was a thumb's up in response to a question about CAFTA. Besides that, I did look at the video, and in slow motion. As his hand comes back down, his wrist rotates, at which point the thumb is clearly the visible culprit.

Others disagree, of course.

Posted by: Ryan at August 7, 2005 07:11 PM
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