July 26, 2005

Phantom of the Magazine

Evelyn says: Is Timothy Hahn a MF writer?

Ryan says: Never heard of him.

Evelyn says: Hmm.

Evelyn says: Yep, he is. I'll forward this outline on to you. He wants to write in your November issue.

Ryan says: YAY!

Evelyn says: Yeah, looks like your predecessor must have lined him up before she left. He's a decent writer and seems to be easy to work with.

Evelyn says: I sent him a note telling him who you were.

Ryan says: I'm the Phantom Managing Editor.

Evelyn says: That's you.

Ryan says: I'm even typing away madly at my keyboard with a creepy, white half-mask.

Ryan says: And a cape, because capes are cool.

Evelyn says: Yeah, they're right up there with light sabers.

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