May 12, 2005

Say that again?

So, I dial this company today to get some information, and I'm quickly routed to their automatic answering system, when the following sentence greets me:

"Thank you for calling pfastship; for quality purposes, we randomly record all incoming calls. . ."

It's random, but thorough!

Posted by Ryan at May 12, 2005 12:41 PM

That reminds me of the overuse of the weasle-word "may" when a company is nickle-and-diming you.

Like, "You may be charged a fee of up to $2.00 when using this ATM". There is no "may" and "up to" about it, and the subject of that sentence is "you" (the consumer) with no mention at all of "us" (the bank).

This is all done to avoid saying, "We are going to charge you $2.00 for using this ATM."

I mean, Jesus, these are multibillion dollar corporations, why don't they have the balls to just say it like it is?

Posted by: David Grenier at May 13, 2005 08:32 AM

The other day I was filling out my rebate for TurboTax software. I filled out the online form, which you then, believe it or not, print out and mail to them.

In case you missed that last detail, they final screen has a helpful bit of advice: "Please Print out before mailing."

Oh good. Thanks! Good idea! That just saved me the buttload of postage I was going to use to stick my entire computer and monitor (and small portable generator to keep it running during shipping) in a box and mail it to you.

How helpful!

Posted by: Strider at May 15, 2005 11:06 PM
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