March 31, 2005

Beware, College People, Beware

So, I couldn't decide whether this guy was being an amazingly mean jerk, or whether the little plagiarist sort of had it coming. Whatever the case, this just shows the amazing, and kinda creepy, power of the Internet to totally destroy someone's life, whether they had it coming or not.

The aftermath can be read here, which is kind of anti-climactic, but you do reach the conclusion the girl probably got expelled.

Posted by Ryan at March 31, 2005 04:41 PM

Thanks a fucking lot, Ryan. I *was* getting caught up on my pile of albums to design. Well, there's two hours that I couldn't tear myself away from a trainwreck that I'll never get back.

Posted by: David Grenier at March 31, 2005 07:18 PM

The story does have an uncanny ability to pull you in, doesn't it? I didn't get much done during the last two hours of work, either, if that makes you feel any better.

Posted by: Ryan at March 31, 2005 07:41 PM

That piece of shit is the biggest dick on the planet. I swear to God, people who've done more atrocious shit received lesser punishments. That girl, if real, will be easier to find and black ball than a rapist or child molester. Utterly disgusting.

Posted by: Desult at April 1, 2005 02:26 AM

I think I mainly wound up reading all the comments because early on someone made a post saying, "This topic would be so easy its like 'What's your favorite movie and why?' or 'Which is fluffier, kittens or puppies?'"

So of course I come up with the brilliant idea of answering his second paper topic question (kittens are fluffier and puppies are cuter) and have to go through several threads to see if anyone has done it before me, so I'm not one of those people that makes a super-redundant comment on a popular blog.

Posted by: David Grenier at April 1, 2005 08:18 AM

wow. that's messed up.

i mean, i also agree that students paying for papers (which, also as an english/lit major, royally pisses me off), or paying for anything that they don't earn (rich kids have a lot of advantages in college) is utterly wrong and they should be punished, permanent life damage - expulsion - is a little over the top.

the internet sure is changing the way things work.

Posted by: leblanc at April 1, 2005 01:44 PM

David, jeeze you're anal, lol.
My daughter and son in law come to my house, give me a topic, and I write it out of my head usually.
We've done rural vs city living, gay marriage, breast vs bottle feeding, and I've done cannibalism, the art of death, pro abortion, death while scuba diving, segregation in nursing homes, and fingerprinting for myself. Goofy shit huh? And then I get online and find articles about the subjects and use them as references. I don't actually use their info, I just cite them as my source. I know that sounds weird, but I read alot and can pull it back out of my head when I need to. I passed out jerky before the cannibalism one, and used photos from the cemeteries in New Orleans for the art of death.
You'd think I could get a better job huh?
And I've never gotten anything other than an A on any of them, even the ones I wrote for my kid/soninlaw.

Posted by: Donna at April 1, 2005 08:35 PM
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