February 24, 2005

Fish + Barrel

JB Doubtless, of the blog Fraters Libertas, did a little fisking of a recent Rochester Post-Bulletin article (registration required and, really, who pays for online news?).

I don't know how familiar the Fraters guys are with the Post-Bulletin but, guys, this kind of article isn't uncommon coming from the P-B. They once ran a front page, weekend edition piece about a cat that had been torched by some unknown local youths. Really. I got into a little drama because of that.

At any rate, the P-B is a good local newspaper, but its local reporting can often consist of content that would make readers from larger communities think "WTF?" Point being, if you're going to fisk P-B content, you'd better get comfy, because it can often be a rich fisking arena. Just so you know.

Oh, and the P-B does have a free blog, in case you want to mix it up in the comment box. They still believe that an unbiased and objective media can actually exist, which I think is just the cutest, quaintest thing ever.

Posted by Ryan at February 24, 2005 09:32 AM
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