February 11, 2005

Better Cheddar

I was out sick yesterday, and I'm still not feeling 100 percent, so I'll just answer the Cheddar X and be on my merry little way:

What's the best way to spend?

Fifty cents

You can actually buy something for 50 cents? I suppose I could buy a few plastic army men, and then melt them with a magnifying glass. Provided I had a magnifying glass, I mean.

A dollar

A really cheap magnifying glass.

Five dollars

I'd be torn here. I COULD by a $5 lottery scratch off ticket, but I could also put $5 worth of gas in my car. Sad thing is, though, that $5 can't even buy you a foot long sandwich at Subway.

Twenty dollars

Now we're talking. Now we're in case of beer territory. Now we're in hooker blowjob territory. Now we're in. . . um. . . never mind that last one.

One hundred dollars

This is grocery shopping money here. This includes a multitude of frozen pizzas, frozen chicken breasts, kitty litter, and the whole works. Mix in a large pan. Heat on high for 30 minutes. Serves seven.

One thousand dollars

Typically, if I have a grand saved up, chances are good my car will take a shit on me. So $1000 would probably go towards car repair.

One million dollars

No question about it, I'd buy one of these. Any money left over would go towards paintballs to feed that crazy machine.

One hundred million dollars

Best damned magnifying glass money can buy.

Posted by Ryan at February 11, 2005 10:14 AM
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