April 10, 2002

I must consult the news

I must consult the news for inspiration today since my brain is not functioning properly. From the "Life just totally isn't fair" department, we have yet another story about N'Sync singer Lance Bass and his bid to travel to the international space station. "Would-be space traveler Lance Bass, a member of the pop band N'Sync, said he passed his first round of medical tests last month when he spent several days being poked and prodded by Russian space program doctors." I can hear legions of giddy teenage girls saying in unison "I wish I was a Russian space program doctor!" Seriously, the more I hear about this, the more sickened I get. Why does this two-stepping, over-hyped musical hack even get half a chance to go into space? Granted, I'm all for sending all of N'Sync into outer space, but I would expect them to be jettisoned from the spacecraft where the vacuum of the void would cause their blood to boil and then they'd pop. They are pop stars after all. Another question enters my mind: what poor journalist has to cover the "Lance Bass Space" beat? Who did he/she anger to get cast down to reporting on third rate news stories like this? And why does MSNBC.COM feel as if it has to give such a non-story a bullet? Argh! On a lighter note, the situation in the Middle East is still going strong. Let's send Lance Bass to the Middle East, you know, strapped with some sort of high explosive. More later.

Posted by Ryan at April 10, 2002 10:42 AM
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