June 11, 2002

More Random Thoughts Okay, odd

More Random Thoughts

Okay, odd news simply is not odd enough for me to poke fun at today, and this deeply saddens me. Actually, I'm not saddened, but I am hurting for something to write about. So, if this sucks, I apologize.

So, I mowed the roomie's lawn yesterday after work, and I was quite pleased with the result. The result, of course, was a mowed lawn. At any rate, while I was mowing, my other roomie, Emily, stopped by briefly to change clothes. She came bounding out of the house about 10 minutes later, waved happily at me, and drove off to do whatever it is Emily does. I finished mowing the lawn, put away the mower, pulled some long grass from around trees and walked back to the house.

However, Emily had locked the door. And I didn't have a key. And none of the windows were open. For the second time in the nine months I've lived there, I found myself locked out of the house. So, there I stood, sweaty, without a shirt, no wallet, no keys with which to start my car. Just sweaty me locked out of the house. I made a mental note to give Emily no end of shit when next I saw her. I'm also planning on locking her out of the house when she least expects it, preferably when she's half naked and sweaty.

There was nothing I could do but skulk around outside the house and await the return of either Amy or Emily. I cared not which, so long as I regained entrance. For about an hour, I tried to find activities to keep me busy, such as playing darts in the garage, trying to figure out the Nordic Trak (which is really hard to do, by the way), and sitting on a lawn chair feeling very much like Forrest Gump.

Finally, Amy pulled into the driveway, and I started dancing happily. I have yet to see Emily again, but I have plans to de-short her when I do.

Posted by Ryan at June 11, 2002 11:25 AM
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