June 24, 2002

Fun With Geology There's was

Fun With Geology

There's was a solid relationship, based on years of building a foundation of familiarity. Yes, Kimberly and Steve had a rock solid love that could not be shaken, and they knew their feelings for each other could move mountains.

"Ah, my little Kimberlite," said Steve over breakfast one morning. "I can look at you for hours and marble at your beauty. I love to bury my face deep into your crenulation cleavage and work my hands gingerly over your skin's palisades texture."

"That's gneiss, Steve," said Kim, batting a coy eye. "And I would like to rip that chert off your body and work my tongue over your whiteschist. Yes, I would truly enjoy ravaging your muscovite body. Perhaps dunite I'll allow you to satiate your volcanic libido."

"I can't wait until dunite!" exclaimed Steve, his calcite vein pulsating noticeably. "Even now my hands tremolite in anticipation. It's obvious that we both want it, that we share the same sediments, so let's not talc anymore."

"Patience Steve," teased Kim. "You've obviously built up quite a sexual apatite. I'm sorry to put you through this, but you must sulfur through until dunite."

All right, all right people. I can hear your groans and hisses from here. I'll stop already.

Posted by Ryan at June 24, 2002 11:44 PM
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