October 28, 2002

One Born Every Minute lisaheins@hotmail.com

One Born Every Minute

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: The Oxygen equipment comes in either Wednesday or Thursday

Ryan says: The idea is going to tank. No pun intended.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: It's supposed to be up and running at the mall on Friday

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: don't knock it until you try it

Ryan says: It's common sense. People in Minnesota, particularly Rochester, won't pay for air.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: we'll see

Ryan says: People in Vegas will do it because they have too much money.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: why don't you try it once, then tell me how it's going to tank

Ryan says: I have tried it. My brother and I sat in an oxygen bar in Colorado when we were skiing once.

Ryan says: Whoopty do.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: I like it. So, whoopty do right back at ya

Ryan says: Okay, but would you pay for it on a regular basis?

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: yeah

Ryan says: People will try it out of curiosity, but they probably won't be return customers.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: well, we were return customers in Vegas

Ryan says: And you somehow represent the population as a whole?

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: yes. I do

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: if this thing flies... then great. if not, then, I'll be siting and having oxygen at Tim's house

Ryan says: And, I'm simply stating my opinion that it won't be a hot seller in Rochester.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: I don't know how it's going to fly in this hole in the wall city but, I know that I like it. And, I think there are other people out there who will too. who knos

Ryan says: http://webmd.lycos.com/content/article/1668.51681

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: That's just one person's opinion

Ryan says: Did you even read it?

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: Yes. But, I don't think that he's trying to say it's a cure for everything

Ryan says: It's not a person's opinion. It's a news article fully explaining the pros and cons.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: too much of anything is not good for you. People have died from too much water

Ryan says: Yeah, it's called "drowning."

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: I don't see anything wrong with it

Ryan says: I didn't say there was anything wrong with it.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: I'm getting the vibe from you that you might think it's not that good of an idea

Ryan says: Not in Rochester, no. In cities where people have money to spend on recreational air sniffing, sure.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: I think people will do the same thing here

Ryan says: My personal feeling is that any perceived benefits are a result of placebo effect. You're strapped with an oxygen mask and told it will make you feel better, so it makes you feel better.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: that could be to a point, but, I think it does help

Ryan says: Ask youself: If sniffing oxygen actually provided health benefits, why doesn't the medical community promote its use?
Here's a little known fact. Oxygen is actually a poison. It's the reason we age.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: Oxygen is used in medical purposes. there are people who have oxygen tanks

Ryan says: Yeah, because their lung capacity is such that they can't saturate their red blood cells with O2. The average healthy person already has as much oxygen as their red blood cells can carry.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: thanks, Ryan

Ryan says: Go ahead and believe what you want. Just don't claim to be informed about it. My point is that oxygen bars are the equivalent of herbal remedies. They make health claims without medical testing or medical backing.

Ryan says:
If it makes you feel better, great, just don't expect me to pay for a snoot of oxygen ever again. Been there, done that, didn't do anything for me.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: I don't think they are making medical claims at all. I just like how it helps me in a better mood

Ryan says: Try eating chocolate. It's cheaper.

lisaheins@hotmail.com says: it's more fattening. I like the idea of a possible way for weight loss without drugs.

Ryan says: Do you honestly believe that sitting and sniffing O2 will help people lose weight?

Posted by Ryan at October 28, 2002 03:23 PM
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