December 05, 2002

This One Is Sorta Gross,

This One Is Sorta Gross, Folks. Read With Caution

Ryan says: You need a big swift kick in the ass today.

Mandy says: what for this time?

Ryan says: *swuff* *whack!*

Ryan says: I don't need a reason.

Mandy says: well that isn't very nice of you

Mandy says: just as i was thinking what i should get you for xmas, you kick me

Mandy says: that's it! no gift for ryan

Ryan says: It was done out of love.

Mandy says: too late, you bruised me

Ryan says: Hrm. I think I may have just shit myself.

Ryan says: I had best go check.

Mandy says: lol

Mandy says: you have fun checking on that

Ryan says: Yep. I shit myself. Damn pseudo-farts.

Mandy says: that is horribly disgusting

Mandy says: *gag*

Ryan says: I had a rumbly tummy this morning, but I had no idea it was cooking up something like that.

Mandy says: please please please tell me you are kidding

Mandy says: you REALLY don't have to share that kind of info with me

Ryan says: That's the way it goes sometimes. One minute you think you have to fart, the next minute you're in a men's room stall taking off your boxer shorts and mopping up your backside. And, no, I'm not kidding.

Mandy says: i will remember this next time i am having my period & a little "accident" happens

Mandy says: ohhhhhhh, the stuff i can share

Ryan says: You gotta admit, there's a slight bit of humor inherent in the whole ordeal.

Mandy says: not even a little

Mandy says: yuck yuck yuck

Mandy says: mr. squirty fart

Ryan says: It wasn't like a huge spray or anything like that. Just a little seapage.

Mandy says: making it worse

Mandy says: brian & i share pretty much everything & i don't think he has ever shared that with me

Mandy says: so, are youcommando now?

Ryan says: Yep. I'm swinging free from the nut tree. Boxer shorts are in my coat pocket awaiting a cleanse.

Posted by Ryan at December 5, 2002 01:03 PM
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