December 23, 2002

These Two Day Work Weeks

These Two Day Work Weeks Are Killing Me

It's quiet. Too quiet.

A funny thing about Christmas landing on a Wednesday, the vast majority of IBM employees simply opt out of the rest of the week, making for an abandoned quality to the hallways. I'll occasionally hear a door close in the distance, and there are a few cars parked outside, but for the most part I have the place to myself. I'm Sam Palmisano for a day, or two days, although I'm housed in a much shittier office I'm betting.

Lingering anxiety still looms over the impending holiday, of course. I'm worried that the gifts I bought the girlfriend are adequate, and I still have to wrap them, even though we'll be opening them tonight. Additional anxiety looms due to the sexual misfortune we endured last week when, unknown to us, a condom broke, a first for both of us. For the record, there is nothing Supra about Trojan Supra. The brand has been forever removed from my list of acceptable condoms, and I threw the remaining three brittle baby blockers in the trash. I'm pissed. And worried. And so is she. Never before have I been so anxiously awaiting a woman's period. It will be difficult to enjoy my upcoming Hawaii vacation if she hasn't started her cycle by Thursday.

Yes, Thursday, the magical day I shall once again board an airplane bound for Mauii. This will be my seventh holiday journey to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, and I'm looking forward to sun, surf, and everything else that is NOT a Minnesota winter. My father has already stated his intent to dismantle me on the golf course, and I'm ready to let him try. Golfing in Mauii is an experience not to be missed, and I'm looking forward to every single swing of the club.

Between then and now, however, work days must be completed, gifts must be wrapped, and the girlfriend's family must be shmoozed with. I'm not a fan of shmoozing, but it must be done, with a smile if possible. Other than that, it's Monday. All day. And there is work yet to do.

Posted by Ryan at December 23, 2002 11:06 AM
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