January 23, 2003

To Sims Or Not To

To Sims Or Not To Sims

Ryan says: I still have your Sims house party thing to return.

Jen says: Oh. Ok. No rush.

Jen says: Do I still have your Sims?

Jen says: The original game?

Ryan says: Yes.

Ryan says: You need it, I suppose.

Jen says: No, I don't. I can return it.

Ryan says: I already have it.

Jen says: I've been playing Sims on Playstation 2.

Ryan says: What you talkin' bout, Willis?

Jen says: You already have it?

Jen says: No no, I asked if I still have your original Sims CDs.

Ryan says: Yes.

Ryan says: I mean, no.

Jen says: Gah.

Jen says: You have it.

Jen says: ?

Jen says: My bwain hurts.

Ryan says: I have it. No.

Ryan says: I mean, yes.

Ryan says: Me have Sims. You not.

Jen says: Stop it!!

Jen says: *calms down*

Ryan says: Sims I have, yes? Jen has not the Sims, no?

Jen says: Right.

Ryan says: So, let's see if I have this right. . .

Jen says: NO!

Ryan says: The Sims that is mine, my Sims, which was for a time your's, but really not, because it was mine, but just with you, is back with me, because it's mine and not your's, although you had it for a time. Right?

Jen says: Right.

Ryan says: I think I'm beginning to understand.

Ryan says: So, the question still remains. . .

Jen says: Bad Ryan!

Jen says: No!

Ryan says: When can I expect you to give back the Sims that I have.

Ryan says: ?

Jen says: Never!

Posted by Ryan at January 23, 2003 03:08 PM

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