February 21, 2003

Gozz Was A Friend of

Gozz Was A Friend of Mine

Ryan says: What does SAP stand for?

Mark G. says: i think i know this one

Mark G. says: what context is it used in

Mark G. says: i have heard this one

Ryan says: I just know it's a widely-used enterprise resource planning (SAP) package.

Ryan says: Whoops (ERP)*

Mark G. says: ERP??

Ryan says: enterprise resource planning = ERP I'm trying to figure out what SAP stands for.

Mark G. says: Enterprise Resource Planning

Ryan says: *slapping Gozz upside the head* I KNOW what ERP stands for. What does SAP stand for?

Mark G. says: not sure

Ryan says: *takes 4 gold friendship stars down from Gozz's name and puts over Haugen's name*

Mark G. says: FU

Mark G. says: what is it

Ryan says: It's a company, not an acronym.

Ryan says: http://www.sap.com/

Mark G. says: i have heard SAP talked about around here

Ryan says: Yeah, but they're saying, "That Gozz is such a sap." That's not the same thing.

Mark G. says: im done with you ... leave me now

Ryan says: You'll never get your gold friendship stars back with that attitude.

Posted by Ryan at February 21, 2003 04:24 PM

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