March 20, 2003

Buried in War And Seven

Buried in War And Seven Feet Of Snow

I'm still in Colorado, because Colorado up and decided to experience its worst snowfall since the solar system was created (according to meteorologists). I'm not kidding when I say I have never seen so much freaking snow. Up here in the mountains, seven feet of the fluffy crystallized water fell in two days. It just kept falling, and falling, and falling.

Melissa and I went skiing in about three feet of fresh powder, an exercise in leg exhaustion not soon to be equalled. People everywhere were just laying down in the snow, too pooped to even try standing up, and snowboarders were poking hopelessly into the snow after their boards came off and probably won't be found again until June sometime.

Denver International Airport was shut down yesterday and the day before, so my flight was cancelled. Not that it would matter anyway, because the two mountain passes back down to Denver are both closed today and are being shelled to trigger avalanches. I would LOVE to watch them trigger avalanches, but it is not to be, because I'm too far away and lack transportation anyway. I finally was able to book a flight for Satuday at 7:25 (the last flight out with two vacant seats for the entire weekend). So, Melissa and I are holed up in my brother's apartment while he and his wife are at work. We pass the time mostly by watching TV, with sex thrown into the mix to vary things up a bit. However, the condom supply is dwindling, so drastic measures may have to be taken to get into town and remedy that situation.

Oh, and there's a war on. Even though it was an anticlimatic segue into the conflict, what with the 48 hour ultimatum and such. The news organizations are, of course, slathering over every detail they can glean, which is par for the course for mass media outlets determined to outdo the other. I found it curious to watch the live feed from Baghdad following the first bombing. Cars and buses just casually going about their day, with the street light flicking from red to green in a predictable, timely fashion. Not the scene of chaos many might expect during war. Even the blog of Salam Pax seems to indicate that this is a war meant to terrorize and decapitate Iraqi leadership more than it is an attempt to terrorize the Iraqi people. I would expound further on this, but I'm on a computer that is not mine, and I'll be able to explore it further once I'm back home.

As an interesting aside, there's almost a dead tie between those people visiting this site looking for "exposed+thongs" and those looking for "salam pax." Strangely, there was one hit from someone looking for "salam+pax+thong+picture." Ooh, Salam, you do look ravishing in that little thong number there. Ooh la la.

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