March 28, 2003

Cruising Into The Weekend Where

Cruising Into The Weekend

Where the hell did this week go? It never fails; I come back from vacation and I'm confronted with a heap of work that takes two weeks to dig myself out of. Wasn't yesterday Monday? Who knows? The most disconcerting aspect of writing for this magazine is that our production schedule is months ahead, so I'm writing copy right now for June and July. In other words, when I come into work each day, I magically warp ahead to the middle of summer. Then, at the end of the day, I exit IBM and am immediately transported back to March. It fucks with the head, let me tell you.

I went out to the bar last night with my good friend, Marc, who is coming off a breakup with the most self-absorbed, icky woman I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. For the past year (or longer, I can't remember), Marc practically disappeared from sight, so wrapped up with that, excuse me, BITCH, that he didn't have time for friends or family. Marc asked me early on in the relationship what I thought of her, and I told him, in my "subtle as a chainsaw" way, that I would rather scour my eyes with a brillo pad than listen to her prattle on endlessly about herself. Marc didn't take my assessment too well, but I'll be damned if I'll ever allow a friend to get involved with a horror and not speak my mind on the issue.

Well, anyway, last night Marc actually asked me why I never mentioned how much I hated her. WhowhatwhenwhereWHA?! It just goes to show that love (or the illusion of it), can blind and deafen anyone to anything. I love Melissa, but it frightens me to think how much reality I may be missing because I unconsciously decide to "ignore" it.

But, my, I'm coming off as a sour Sally in this post, so I should lighten it up just a tad. So, some good news. Last night during my hapkido class, I was informed that, because we have Korean grand masters coming to our studio to instruct us in June, our testing schedule will be moved up so we can test with the grand masters. In other words, I'll be testing for my black belt a full five months ahead of schedule. Hot diggity damn! This makes me so happy I'm about to soil myself. *pause to soil myself*

I'm ever so close to being a black belt! After over ten years of assorted martial arts training, from aikido, to kuk sool won, to taekwondo, to hapkido, I'm finally, FINALLY, on the verge of a black belt. I have so many different colored belts scattered around my apartment, and at my parents' home, you'd think I was in charge of my own personal martial arts studio. Sweet, wonderful, black belt status. *grggllgglgllgll*

I'm heading to St. Paul after work tonight. Mel is moving into her new apartment and getting out of that attic apartment that looks like something straight out of The Amityville Horror. The sweet part is that all the moving is pretty much done. I don't have to lift a heavy bookcase, or a bed, or a marble bathtub, or The Statue of David. It's all been done already! Oh, sweet, sweet girlfriend. She DOES know what I want for Christmas! All that is expected of me is to do some clean-up of her old place so she can get her deposit back, and I get to put together her new bookcase, which I'm totally fine with.

So, on to the weekend!

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