May 16, 2003

Shamed Into Doing An Old

Shamed Into Doing An Old Friday Five. . .Sort Of

The plain one known as Layne has shamed me into doing something I vowed never to do; namely, doing a Friday Five. But, I refuse to do a Friday Five. I won't, I won't, I won't. Instead, I'll just list some of the more embarrasing, and not-so-embarrasing, songs I listen to while I'm running. These are all stored on my little MP3 player.

You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon: I'm not sure why I cling to this song. It was played over and over again by the crazy South Dakota girl I dated briefly a couple years ago. She was also gung ho about a horrible assault on the ears song called Heroin by Lou Reed and a bunch of techno-jazz shit that she insisted on listening to while she slept. But, You Can Call Me Al is still a pretty neat song.

Doll Parts by Hole: One of two Hole songs I run to. Trust me, it's a bitch to run to this song, because it's devoid of any coherent beat, but it's angry Courtney Love at her most angry worst/best. The other Hole song on my MP3 player is Malibu, which is pretty upbeat, er, for Courtney Love.

Breathe by Telepopmusic: You may remember this song as the background tune to a recent Mitsubishi commercial. I'm apparently a sucker for Mitsubishi commercial music, because I also run to Days Go By by Dirty Vegas.

The theme song from the movie Gladiator: this tune just does something for me. It's borderline classical, but it's not quite. I like classical music, too, but I don't run to it. This song is just really powerful.

Book Of Days by Enya: Don't ask me. I have no fucking clue why I keep this on there. It's a bitch to run to, it's slow, and it's ENYA! I should remove it, but strangely I don't. You can start your Freudian analysis. . . NOW!

Special by Garbage: Sure, the lead singer for Garbage, Shirley Manson, looks like she could tear me apart in bed while at the same time leaving me the most satisfied man on the planet, but this song just plain rocks, and it's a blast to run to. Other Garbage songs on my MP3 player include Only Happy When It Rains and Push It.

More Human Than Human by White Zombie: Warning, if you run to this song, there is an 80% chance you'll be in a dead sprint at the end. It's THAT fast and THAT cool. Any song that starts with the sounds of a woman being sexed up is just bound to kick ass.

Breathe by Prodigy: On a par with More Human Than Human, I've loved this tune since college. There's something about the sword sounds in the background that just make this song click. Me likey.

Fade Into You by Mazzy Star: When I first heard this, it was an unusually warm October afternoon in the North Woods of Minnesota, and I was driving home from my grandfather's funeral. Say what you want about Northern Minnesota, it still has the most stellar fall colors in the world. It was magical, and it was sad, and this song just brought it all together.

Answer The Phone by Sugar Ray: I know, I know. Sugar Ray? This is just a fun song, and it's great to run to. But. . . Sugar Ray?

Concrete Sky by Beth Orton: Another song I don't recommend running to, but I was drawn to the tune one night while surfing the Web. She has a smokey voice, which I'm always a sucker for. But, jeez, this guy apparently didn't care for the diddy.

Not An Addict by K's Choice: I fell in love with this song in college, and I've never even done drugs. Maybe if I started doing drugs I'd appreciate it even more. Something to think about.

I'm On Fire by Bruce Springsteen: One of those songs that's just over too fast.

There are a bunch of others, but I can't remember them right off hand. This should provide Layne with plenty of psychological analysis fodder though. Knock yourself out.

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