September 05, 2003

Schizophrenic Screed for Sept. 2, 2003

And now, for your enjoyment, I bring you the second installment of the raving lunacy that is the Stewartville Star's classified ad "Miscellaneous" conspiracy theorist/bona fide whacko." If you need further explanation, I suggest you scroll down a few posts.

MACHEYE. No further controls for the black pearl of the censor in the nose. Left elbow consisting of a high frequency known as 22-2-50. Low frequency 22-2-25. Right elbow storage center. By using high or low frequencies in the sun belt they can make optical illusions look real. They will try to fool you any way they can with lies, propaganda, falsifying paperwork and saying they don't know. Mr. President Bush now acts like a big fool. The only thing I can say, he just made a bigger fool out of all of us. Called we the people of the United States darn fool. R-13FCF.

PS The genetic number to the right that you don't want to forget: 22-2-284-green.

So, there you have it folks. A schizophrenic dude who hates W. Keep in mind, he hated Clinton before Bush, from what I can tell. He's so, um, difficult to understand, but he did hate Clinton. I know this because he cornered me once at the Stewartville library, in 1999, well before the election, and told me that the Clinton administration was responsible for some strange infestation in his hair. In his defense, his fingernails were smeared with a white substance, but I'm pretty sure it was dandruff.

I ducked into the local Hardees. And met Jessica Alba (I wish). I mean, Jessica Alba, how cool would that be. Jessical Alba, man, Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba.

It's so hard to reason with the insane.

Posted by Ryan at September 5, 2003 01:18 AM
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