October 29, 2003

Schizophrenic Screed for Oct. 28, 2003

Oh. Brother. This week, Stewartville's mouthpiece for the insane really goes off the wall, even for him. I mean, Clown of the Clone 5000? I don't know whether to laugh, or to hide under the bed knowing there are others like him roaming the world.

FOAMOSTYRE Macheye thermocore. Now as we look at 1961 the atom bomb over in Russia in October three sonic booms around the earth 36 hrs. apart & now for the bad news - 50 yrs. Blackout. The year will be October 2011 a 3 series blackout. So now you have the blackouts & for the rest of the master cell we can only say The Clown of the Clone 5000 mach that will be back in 2013. Hope you like this discovery. Now sit back, pull shields down & secure the hatch. (?) Ears, eyes, nose, mouth.


P.S. Now give you something to talk about. The new $20 bill, the 2nd face could it be President Bush? The humpback spindle says yes. Now you got the rest of the story.

Well, if the humpback spindle says so, then who are we to argue? Just so long as the spindle isn't in cahoots with the Clone of the Clown 5000. I never did trust that guy. You may now begin your head scratching as you try to make sense of insanity. Have at it. I'm interested to hear your take on Gary's prognostications this week.

Posted by Ryan at October 29, 2003 05:22 PM
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