November 03, 2003

Monday, Monday

My was greeted as I stepped out the door this morning by a wet blanket of snow, the first snowfall of the year that actually deigned to accumulate and set a tentative foothold around the area. Although I hold out hope that this snow will melt away due to more unseasonably high temps, I have my doubts. My personal Rhodes' Almanac says that this year will be a brutal winter, with gigantic dumps of snow followed by biting January/February temperatures, followed by a stubborn, lingering refusal to surender to spring.

Or maybe I'm overly pessimistic after having driven on slick streets that remind me why it is I hate this season so.

Got into work, settled into my chair, and no sooner had I started sifting through e-mail than my officemate let loose with a quick, staccato hacking cough, followed by two overly animated sneezes (she actually SAYS "Ah-Choo," for crying out loud), followed, of course, by her trademark triple-nose blowing delight. I'm getting closer and closer to asking her to step outside when she has to blow her freakin' nose, because in addition to the annoyance, it's starting to gross me out. SHE'S starting to gross me out.

Halloween was a fun exercise. Every year, it seems, I'm sucked into the lure of donning elaborate make-up and prosthetic facial pieces. I'm getting really good at it, but the sad state of facial adhesives on the market today dictates that any rubber prosthetics I glue to my face will almost certainly start to pry themselves loose about two hours after application. I looked particularly gruesome this year, a testimony to my improving make-up and application skills. But, still, my chin prosthetic started giving me troubles at the casino (where, coincidentally, I lost $40 in 40 minutes). By the end of the night, my face was SCREAMING at me to remove my make-up as soon as possible. I removed the rubber pieces and commenced with a vigorous five minute face itching.

Saturday was spent being gloriously lazy. Melissa tacked away on my computer trying to make a dent in her ever-growing mountain of homework, while I spent most of the day in bed watching cheesy movies (think Highlander: Endgame) and occasionally telling Melissa how to correctly spell a word or two. She's extremely far behind in her school-work, so next weekend looks like a "homework-only" weekend, which means I'll probably be on my own to find fun and happy things to do. I'm sure I'll manage just fine.

Yesterday, my buddy Marc and I went driving around town looking at potential homes for me to buy. More and more, I'm ready, I think, to buy my own house and embark on the adventure of home-ownership. Granted, I won't be able to afford the Taj Mahal or anything, but I think a nice, simple home would be a nice adventure on which to embark. There were a couple of nice prospects we scoped out yesterday, so I guess I'll just have to see what happens next.

My officemate just blew her nose again. That must mean it's time for work.

Posted by Ryan at November 3, 2003 09:40 AM
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