November 17, 2003

Remember To Jam Frequently. Oh, And Club A Seal

Ryan says: Now I'm jamming to Pure Moods.

Caroline says: You be jammin

Ryan says: Well, not jamming so much as chilling out.

Caroline says: I haven't jammed in a long time. I should start jamming again.

Ryan says: Jamming is becoming a lost art.

Caroline says: Yes, indeed it has.

Caroline says: The hokey-pokey is somewhat of a lost art as well.

Ryan says: If we could somehow jam to the hokey-pokey, we'd kill two birds.

Caroline says: Do you like Seal at all?

Ryan says: Not at all.

Caroline says: I didn't either until I heard his latest song.

Caroline says: I like it.

Ryan says: Except for clubbing baby seals. I like that.

Caroline says: You would.

Ryan says: I love the soft squeaking plea to their mothers as I bludgeon them.

Caroline says: You're a tad sick.

Posted by Ryan at November 17, 2003 12:56 PM
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