December 12, 2003

I'm Off For the Weekend, But Before I Go. . .

Well, I'm off, once again, to the Cities this morning, this time for a team building bowling experiment, which I expect to enjoy only slightly and despise quite mightily. Nothing like bowling with people you don't know and don't really care to know. Oh, what I do in pursuit of a paycheck. Still, bowling is fun.

Also tonight, the girlfriend and I are going to the Children's Theater presentation of "The Wizard of Oz." And, since it's a children's theater, I'm fairly certain Oz has nothing to do the HBO prison drama, but it would open some innocent eyes if it DID. Other plans for the weekend? Not sure. Thai food for sure. Possibly a run or two around Como Lake. Who cares? The weekend has arrived! I'm outta here.

Oh, and by the way, it's really fucking cold outside.

Posted by Ryan at December 12, 2003 09:33 AM
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