December 18, 2003

A Hallmark Moment

Caroline says: so, now that I think about it, Mel must like me if I am the same as you. I mean, she likes you and all.

Ryan says: Yeah, I think she likes me.

Ryan says: She lets me put my penis in her, so there's that.

Caroline says: that's nice. Hallmark card worthy.

Ryan says: "To my most cherished girlfriend."

Ryan says: "you're with me when I most need a friend, and you're my lover too."

Ryan says: "When I'm with you everything seems fresh, and everything seems new."

Ryan says: "You make me feel as if I'm the most special guy you've met."

Ryan says: "And you let me put my penis in you, so there's that."

Caroline says: I'm getting all choked up (no penis pun intended)

Ryan says: I missed my calling. I was sooo meant to be a poet.

Posted by Ryan at December 18, 2003 10:55 AM
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